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The King's NinjaTrader 8 Bot Collection:

Contact us by email or phone (702-997-2144)  for a free bot consult so that we can assess your needs and recommend the right bot for your current situation and trading goals!

Our bots are not sold directly via the website. After we discuss what you want and what bot or bot pairs will best suit your needs we will send you an invoice and email you the installation files and license key. We have multiple purchase options including monthly lease plans that allow you to use up to a certain number of bots of your choice every month and the ability to purchase any of the bots listed below including several that are not listed on this website. Call now for your free consult and get started today!


Take your trading to the next level by adding a few of the king's bots to your current portfolio. We have bots for all types of traders from scalpers to trend followers. Before purchasing a bot it is recommended that you contact us for a free consult to ensure that you get the right automated strategy for your trading style, available capital and risk tolerance. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right bot.

If you need custom programming to create a personalized automated strategy please click here to fill out our free consult form on the home page for a price and time estimate. We can code anything you need for a flat fee and a fast delivery time.



For custom bot development please click here to fill out the free consult form on our home page with your project details and we will contact you with a price quote.

Bot Types
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