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The King's Additional Support Services:

If you need additional support please review the ticket options below.

To get started simply purchase one of the various support tickets listed below and then call or email us regarding your support issue and we will take care of it as soon as possible


Support Ticket For Custom Trading Bots And Indicators 

This support ticket is for maintenance issues for custom indicators and trading bots that have been completed for over 7 days.


If you need us to look into something on previously completed projected purchase a support ticket using the PayPal button below and then send us an email with your support issue.

Support Ticket For Indicator

And Trading Bot Installation

This support ticket is for installation and a walkthrough of the features of your bot.


One of our reps will log in to your pc remotely via team viewer and install your bot and then show you what each of the properties does and give you a general overview of how to use it and answer any additional questions regarding functionality at that time.

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