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The King's NinjaTrader 8 Indicator Collection:

You will receive a License Key via email after your payment is received.

To request a 3 day free trial on any of the indicators fill out the license key request form below and select the indicator you want to try and we will email your license key asap.


PowerBar Chains:  $499.99

This easy to use indicator allows you to quickly determine which side is in control of market momentum by adjusting the bar colors to show only up or down momentum so you can see good entry opportunities at a glance with any bar type you are using on your charts!

This indicator is even more powerful when combined with a trend filter so that you only trade the momentum on the side of the trend.

The PowerBar Chains indicator can be used for scalping, swing trading, or riding out entire trends. Regardless of how or what you trade this indicator will allow you to time your entries and exits with precision.

Indicator Free Trial ID Request Form

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