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The King's NinjaTrader 8 Trading Bot Collection:

You will receive a License Key via email after your payment is received.

For more information on any of our automated trading bots call or email us and will give you are free consult to find the ideal product for your trading style.


PowerBar Chains G-Force X Bot For NinjaTrader 8 :  $3999.99

SALE PRICE $1999.99 UNTIL 5-8

This comes with everything included in the base version and also includes the option to use up to 6 different ema to filter the trend and an additional entry that will hold the position until the price closes below the fastest ema so that you can trade both the momentum and the trend at the same time.


The best time to use this bot is when you are expecting high directional volatility.

This bot also includes a lifetime license for the PowerBar Chains Indicator. Click Here for more info.

Call us today for more info:


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