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The King's NinjaTrader 8 Trading Bot Collection:

You will receive a License Key via email after your payment is received.

For more information on any of our automated trading bots call or email us and will give you are free consult to find the ideal product for your trading style.


PowerBar Chains Infinity X Bot For NinjaTrader 8 :  $2999.99

SALE PRICE $1499.99 UNTIL 5-8

This bot includes everything from the base version in addition to the ability too use limit targets to exit a chain before the stop and reverse and also includes the ability to only take triggers that occur inside of a higher time frames chain of the same color. This improves the accuracy and is excellent for scalping especially when paired with the new optional limit order target.

It is designed to be used during periods of high volatility so that you can't miss the move.

The ideal time to run this bot is on the open/close of the cash equities market and any time above average volatility is expected.

This bot also includes a lifetime license for the PowerBar Chains Indicator. Click Here for more info.

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